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We have taken the strategic process of applying Cerakote and added additional quality control measures. Our intake filters use only fresh dehumidified air in our spray process that is filtered twice prior to being introduced into the Cerakote spray booth.  We have refined the prep process to eliminate the wasteful use of acetone for a more renewable cleaning solution. Finally, our bake process is done with natural gas over electricity to allow for a smaller ecological impact.  


We have implemented a faster, more efficient laser that aids in the creation of our signature lines of products. This allows us to do large scale replication - giving our customers a uniform product, unique from everything else on the market.


We are different than any provider on the East Coast, not only in production capabilities but also in our quality control and cleanliness in our work environment. We know a majority of product defects are mitigated by simple solutions, which is why we have higher than industry acceptable standards with product control. This gives us at Apollo Custom second-to-none results in the production process.

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