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Apollo custom assurance program

All Cerakote applications performed by Apollo Custom, Inc. are covered under the Apollo Assurance Program, a limited lifetime warranty to refresh at not cost * to the customer any chipping, cracking, peeling, flaking or delamination resulting from applicator error. This warranty will not cover normal wear and tear that is to be expected from any surface level coating, nor will it cover against damage, abuse, misuse, or neglect of the coating from it's owner.

Special notice for firearms applications: As with any firearm coating, over time you will see signs of wear on moving parts (e.g. barrel-to-side, slide-to-frame, ejection ports, etc.) and on contact points from holster wear/carry friction - this normal wear would not be covered. Please refer below for information on "Caring for your Coating" on the flip-side of this card to learn how to maximize the longevity of your Cerakote finish.

  • For non-coating related product issues please contact your point-of-purchase for details on applicable warranties or refer to the manufacturer website
  • In the event of an issue serviceable under the Apollo Assurance Program, or to alert us of a missing part, please email

caring for your coating

Through Cerakote is known for its superior protection against corrosion, environmental elements, abrasions, and overall durability, it is still a surface-level coating and will last longer with proper care.

The first step in caring for your coating is cleaning. Cerakote is compatible with all firearm specific cleaners, however we suggest using the following agents/tools:

  • Firearm cleaning mat
  • Non-wool cleaning patches, mops, or swabs
  • Non-chlorinated firearm cleaning solvent
  • Lint free gun cloth
  • Muzzle Guard or diligence to prevent cleaning rod damage
  • Gun oil for lubrication (not applied in excess)

The following should never be used to maintain a Cerakote finish and should not be allowed to come into contact with your finish: steel wool, wire/stiff bristle brushes, dust/dirt/grit, and other abrasive materials. Coated parts should not be soaked in stripping agents.

Special care should be taken with holster selection: there are arguments for and against each material, but the best holster is a clean holster. Some popular hard-bodied holsters contain metal hardware such as rivets/eyelets, and metal-to-coating friction will cause damage to the coating.

After coating, firearms have a break-in period of 200 to 300 rounds. During the "break-in" process you may experience sluggish slide return, stove-pipes, and similar "sticking" issues. This is normal as your firearm realigns all paired surfaces and clears any excess material. After 200 rounds, field strip your firearms and thoroughly clean and lubricate it. A third hundred rounds and cleaning could be necessary on tight fit models. Following this break-in procedure, your firearm should be primed for optimum performance.

We recognize each firearm owner is unique-so are his/her preferences for care supplies and gear. We encourage you to embrace these preferences and view your firearm as a tool. With any well-loved tool, you can expect to see some signs of wear... but remember battle scars must be earned!

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